20110902: Student Fellow Call

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Student Cluster

Recording of the Call

  • Meeting Feedback
    • Teacher workshop big success
    • Difficult communicating technical details to general public.
    • ESIP Welcoming - Do something at the very beginning ice breaker; Lots knew each other, but didn't know fellows.
      • Pubcrawl was helpful for meeting.
  • General Committee feedback
    • Clusters well-organized hard to find a fit
  • Climate Half-day Workshop at Winter Meeting 2012
    • Use climate as theme to tie collaboration areas together
    • Related activities: Communicating Climate Change using new technology tools; Energy Climate Workshop
    • Carol/Erin - responsible for logistics
    • Connections between clusters/climate
      • Thousands of datasets coming out. No one is documenting - who participated in creating algorithms, whose using; no documentation
      • Glacier - IPCC, analysis didn't cite data;
        • Could tie to semantic web; data quality
      • Engaging public in climate observation (rain gage data; post pictures)
      • Communicating climate change and what can they do to participate (engage)
      • Semantic Web? demo or presentation?
    • Tie theme to collaboration - connections.
    • Action - Fellows take ideas back to the clusters and get their input.
  • Student involvement
    • Need to make a flyer
    • Decide which schools/departments are needed.
    • Poster competition - good practice opportunity
    • Oleg - heading up poster competition/engage local schools.
    • Brent - Look over the agenda; Work with Oleg, Tom, Eric to identify spots for discovery, IQ and semantic web.
    • Jesse - will spearhead the communication climate change to
    • Tom - Introduction speaker of tying groups together
    • 3 talks w/20 mins each for both sessions - 6 talks total.