2010-01-21: Cisco Collaborative Application Architecture

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Cisco White Paper: Blueprint for Collaborative Application Architecture

Describes the infrastructure and service architecture of collaborative work environments (new models of the workspace).

Cisco - Network as a platform vision?

Goals achieved through collaborative techniques:

  • Communication (Voice, e-mail, text)
  • Publishing/feedback/info exchange - blog, exchange different from publish because it solicits feedback and build network of related information
  • building community - normal linked to other goal, focused on shared interest or affiliation
  • Managing knowledge - collection, retrieval, management of shared community knowledge - doc management system, wikis
  • history and tracking - logging events of interest (normally combined with other goals)
  • Joint contribution to work product - collaborative writing, industry standard development

analyze tools in space and time.


Collaboration drivers:

  • Empowers users - users empowered when they have access to better communication and information and can use them as they see fit.
  • collab applications make information available in real-time
  • collab community can be defined to support particular set of goals