2010-01-12: Workspace as collection of services

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Workspace is a collection of services which allow users to collaboratively work on a project together.

Bothma thesis, Designing a Generic Collaborative Working Environment ( M. A. Martinez-Carreras, 2007)

The functions describe the purpose that the workspace activity accomplishes: (Tang, 1998)

  • Store Information - preserve information in some form for future recall, typically after attaining explicit group agreement
  • Convey ideas - Transmitting ideas to others in some textual, graphic or gestural form
  • Represent ideas - express tentative ideas in some tangible form to allow one's self to perceive, react and build on them
  • Engage attention - directing attention to a region in the workspace, typically to refer to an object or to provide focus of attention

Workspace provides multiple views of object

  • who is working on it
  • what is it
  • what resources support it
  • what tools and methods were developed for it
  • todo items about it
  • history of development
  • relationship to other projects/objects
  • project plan/goals