2008-04-22: GEOSS AIP Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Agenda and Notes from George Percival on OGC Site

Update on GEOSS Common Infrastructure: Testing the GEOSS Portal and Clearing house

This Initial Operating Capability (IOC) phase will last for up to 12 months with a target opening date of 1 May 2008. Kickoff will be late May (change from proposed schedule). Should make use of initial op. phase 1 in AIP.

Themes to be considered in developing a CFP for OP1 Augmentation:

Open Process

  • Coordinate with SBA through the UIC
  • Anyone can join at any time, but we will be doing certain things at certain times (milestones). Waterfall schedule, Kickoff -> Delivery


  • Get beyond the demo phase
  • Take advantage of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure, register real services that have 'baggage' and need adapters.

Lead editors for sections of CFP-2008

Air Quality

  • John will be in touch soon to see if there are any changes/additions to be made to pilot.
  • Potential to present pilot at AQ Workshop in Boston, July (Sunday before IGARSS)

Enterprise Modeling of scenarios: Larry McGovern

  • Will work with each scenario
  • Expose feedback

All scenario leads will present the scenarios soon (next telecon or two weeks) so that SBA can see what others are doing and discover potential synergies.

Discussion of AIP Milestones and Schedule

  • CFP Release: End of May
  • Response Due: End of July
  • Kickoff: September, Boulder?
  • Interim Results: Nov
  • OP-1: 2009

GEOSS Workshops

Any other business

  • Next call - April 29, 14:00 UTC.