2008-01-24: Telecon Data Summit

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • The process has potential to produce robust solution.
  • Day 1 - non-technical issues/ Day 2 - technical issues and as the meeting progresses purposely think about establishing a lasting virtual workspace.
  • Go through the agenda
  • Day 1 -Orientation - Want goal of meeting and what exists in 5 years (long-term? See revised agenda.
  • Discuss Data Systems/Processing System
    • Inputs - custodians will fill out the form beforehand; condense down to a table. (Need 4 bullets of instructions to fill out the form)
    • Outputs
  • Group Discussion - Synthesis of what heard in morning
  • Breakout Session Day 1
    • Example of non-tech: NASA has to demonstrate use of data (data push), want to increase surface area and "goodwill" of community
    • Security Policy, Institution
    • Focus on users
  • Day 2 - Technical Issues (Security, Ownership, Update) Need 4-5 Key attributes that address the challenges
    • Data access - opening up e.g. VIEWS, service level data access
    • Multiple views of the value chain - WRAPS value chain (melding information from multiple sources) - make more generic. Rudy - fill in the story, incorporate the people.
    • Join collaborative workspaces (people) with data access/use
  • Group discussion
  • Consortium ideas (User/Provider connection, multi-agency...) - GEOSS parts.
  • Draft revised agenda - out Tuesday, Jan 29 (Call - Tues, Jan 29, 2-3:30pm)