2008-01-22: GEOSS AIP Telecon - Final Prep for Ispra

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Title: GEOSS AIP Telecon
Date: January 22, 2008
Workspace:GEOSS AIP AQ Scenario

Page Created On : 2008-01-22

[http://www.ogcnetwork.net/AIpilot [http://www.ogcnetwork.net/ADCworkshop

Telecon Notes Actions from the telecon:

  • All Session Leaders to develop draft scenarios before the workshop
  • All are invited to post or provide position papers on topics for the sessions.
  • Revise agenda to deconflict Test Facility and Workflow sessions - Done.
  • Percivall to invite Els LeDrew to provide an UIC statement during the Opening Session
  • All to aid in completing and correcting the table on task coordination
  • Percivall to send Muchoney information about the Agriculture Monitoring scenario developers.