2007-11-01: Wayland: Data Summit Announcement

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Data Summit Announcement -- Cwayland 1 November 2007 (EST)

This message is to inform you of a meeting on air quality data that we are planning for Tuesday and Wednesday, February 12 -13, 2008, at the main EPA campus in Research Triangle Park, NC. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together those organizations and individuals with key roles in retrieving, storing, disseminating and analyzing air quality data in order to explore efficient means of leveraging the numerous operations underway, and to assist EPA-OAQPS in defining its role in the larger air quality data community. The existence of several data organization systems that already provide and/or share information (e.g., Data Fed, ESIP, AirNow and AirNowtech, VIEWS, GIOVANNI, RSIG, and AQS) raises questions regarding their basic capabilities and interoperability. Although these programs have been catalyzed through various air quality management, research and GEOSS-related missions, we believe that some effort in considering a cooperative “data” strategy may yield exciting synergistic benefits for most of these programs. Internally at EPA, we want to benefit from the collective counsel of this community as the OAQPS AIRQUEST air quality data system evolves.

More information on the meeting objectives, agenda, logistics, and hotel arrangements will follow. Please let Rich Scheffe (919-541-4650; scheffe.rich@epa.gov) or Joe Tikvart (919-541-7793; tikvart.joe@epa.gov) know of your availability to attend. Once we have a compilation of planned participation, we will coordinate with you on goals and key topics for discussion. I thank you in advance for your consideration of this meeting. 2007-11-01: Wayland: Data Summit Announcement2007-11-01 Data Summit Workspace2008-04-142007-11-01: Wayland: Data Summit AnnouncementWayland