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Type: PMExEvent | Smoke | Location:Myrtle Beach, SC | Dates: July 6, 2002 - July 18, 2002 | Lat: , | Lon: ,


Chemical Signature: Chemical data for the Myrtle Beach sampling site are not available.

Fire and Transport: The satellite data indicate a fire and intense smoke near to the Myrtle Beach site.

Spatial Pattern: The Myrtle Beach site shows exceptionally high PM2.5 values compared to surrounding locations which is consistent with local smoke impact.

Temporal Pattern: The temporal spike of PM2.5 mass is also consistent with local smoke impact.

Event Summary: The PM2.5 monitoring data, supported by intense smoke plume visible on the satellite AOT(F), provides evidence that on this day Myrtle Beach was impacted by a local smoke event.

Event Analysis Console: 2002-06-16