(ESL Statement)

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Emily Law
Deputy Program Manager, Data Systems and Technology Office, Earth Science and Technology Directorate, JPL, Caltech, CA.

I, Emily Law, hereby declare my candidacy for Vice President (VP) of the ESIP Federation. I am truly honored to be nominated for the position. Currently, I am serving the Federation as a Type Representative and as a member of the Board of The Foundation for Earth Science. As a long-standing member of the ESIP Federation, I value the opportunities the Federation offers to collaborate and work together with other science, data and technology practitioners who share a common interest in advancing Earth science information and making Earth science data, tools and services more useful to our user communities. If elected as the VP, I will do my best to serve the Federation and the Board. In addition to assisting and being the backup of the President, I will work closely with the President, other officers as well as the staff director to help grow and strengthen capabilities of the Federation. I believe that my extensive experience in data systems management and development enables me to take on various advisory roles in the VP capability to help achieve the Federation’s overall strategic goals. I hope to have this opportunity to contribute in ways that count for the Federation and the Foundation, as well as make a difference. Thank you for your support of my nomination!