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(Twitter Trending Resources)
(Twitter Trending Resources)
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* [ AQ uFIND - Air Quality Data]
* [ AQ uFIND - Air Quality Data]
* [ TwitterVenn]
* [ TwitterVenn]
* [ USGS Twitter Earthquake Detector] | [ @USGSted]
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Welcome to the ESIP Air Quality Workgroup Air Twitter Development Workspace

Thanks for checking out the Air Twitter project page! Air Twitter, is a twitter account designed to harvest user-generated content like tweets, delicious bookmarks, flickr pictures and youtube videos that are relevant to Air Quality in order to establish a background level of AQ chatter and potentially identify AQ events, similar to Google Trends.

What's New

Tasks/Work Items

  • Fix filter to remove all 'indoor' items
  • Geo Location of social media
  • save community identified links to delicious
  • EventSpace template/automation

Air Quality Events

Air Quality Resources

To add to this list tag in delicious with #AirQuality
<feed url="" entries=3>



Applications of Air Twitter for other projects

Air Twitter Resources

Twitter Trending Resources

Get Involved

This is an open project and if you are interested in contributing to the technical implementation or to the AQ event analysis. Register on this ESIP wiki to contribute content, discussions, or modify the page and click the "watch" tab to be notified of updates to this page.

Questions, comments, feedback - either through twitter @ESIPAQWG or leave a comment on the discussion page.
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