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'''''How to add/edit discussion:'''''
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* ''To add to the discussion, log in to DataFed wiki ''
* ''Begin each entry with <nowiki>====Username: Subject====</nowiki>''
* ''To respond, add dots <nowiki>====......Username: Subject====</nowiki> ''
* ''Indent response text by adding : for each tab. ''
*''Sign your entry by ending with <nowiki>'~~~~'</nowiki>,
*''To add a new topic press the '+' tab at top of this page next to edit''
*''To respond to existing topics press edit to the right of topic header and use as ':' in place of tab for indent''
*''To sign comment use <nowiki>'''~~~~'''</nowiki>''

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  • To add to the discussion, log in to DataFed wiki
  • Begin each entry with ====Username: Subject====
  • To respond, add dots ====......Username: Subject====
  • Indent response text by adding : for each tab.
  • Sign your entry by ending with '~~~~',
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