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NCDCGlobalWinds Feedback

Regarding # 2 / Low Wind Speeds Over Land

These are +10 meter winds. It was understood the original plan was +50 meter, The GFS model used for these averages gives us the following options:

  1. Standard pressure levels
  2. Sigma 0.995
  3. +10 meters above sfc
  4. +0 to +30 mb above surface avg
  5. +1829 meters above sfc
  6. +2743 meters above sfc
  7. +3658 meters above sfc
  8. Maximum wind level

I was told to try 10 meter first. But I'm not surprised that winds at this level are a little weak over land, due to friction interaction at that level. If you want to try something else, I could whip up another file rather quickly ~ would just be a matter of changing a variable name in a script, changing some nc metadata, etc. and rerunning grads.

The averaging function documentation is here: Will provide limited insight however. But I highly doubt this is the cuase of the low wind speeds.

Point # 3

We have had a fire in our camp I have had to drop everything to resolve lately. Just starting to get back to this. As far as I know, the WCS service is built into the TDS. I've simply attached this service to the .nc global file. If there is more to do, I am not sure and would appreciate any feedback if this is inadequate.

Dan Swank
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