Summer 2010 Technical Workshops

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Updated: 03/09/2010 Rahul Ramachandran

Workshop Abstract Proposal Template (Need Feedback)

   * Description:
   * Audience:
   * Workshop Category Type:
         o Working meetings – working meeting that are set up more like tutorials with hands on participation
         o Presentation track
   * Special requirements:
         o Room Configuration Requirements
         o Equipment requirements
   * Proposed Time Length (90 Minutes max):

Suggested Workshops

1 Data Visualization Boot Camp

   * Focus: Follow on from last summer’s meeting
   * Workshop lead: Bruce Caron

2 Semantic Web Workshop

   * Focus: Ontologies and use
   * Workshop lead: Peter Fox /Rahul Ramachandran

3 Collaborative Technologies and Geoportal Extension

   * Focus: Over view of open source and commercial technology
   * Workshop lead: Christine Eggers/Rahul Ramachandran
   * Drupal in a Day

4. Federated Search

   * Focus: Getting started using Federated search
   * Workshop lead: Chris Lynnes

5. Interoperability 101

   * Focus: Survey course for new members to introduce different interoperability standards
   * Workshop lead: Karl Bennedict

6. Climate Modeling

   * Focus: The use of climate models
   * Workshop lead: Rob Raskin to recruit from ORNL
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