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January 25, 2011 Telecon


  • Steve Olding, Rob Raskin, Bob Downs, Bruce Caron, Ethan McMahon, Mike Little, Chris Lynnes, Bhaskar Ramachandran, Sunil Moova, Bill Sonntag, Alex Sorokine, Brian Wilson, Hook Hua, James Gallagher, Rahul Ramachandran, Ruth Duerr, Peter Fox.
  • Time - 4-5:10pm ET

Agenda* Review of ESIP Winter Semantic Web Tutorial (Peter, Chris, Hook, Rob)** Evaluation

    • Relation to NASA Tech Infusion activities and goals
    • Relation to SW testbed and requirements on the testbed
    • Same form or others (e.g. Expert Panel, etc.)
    • Where and when next?
  • Using the http://esipfed.org/ site for dereferencible ontology IRIs. (Chris L


  • Ontology developments
    • Continuation of Data-Type and Service ontology work (Peter)
    • Ontology development to support 'casting' (Brian)
    • Summer meeting theme data and information quality - and possible quality onto

logy work session

  • Other topics?
    • Utopia uses semantic services to annotate PDFs, but is focused on biomed. Need

s earth science add-ons. Check it out at http://www.utopiadocs.com/documents/ L ooking to create a PDF-based poster archive for ESIP with Utopia-like interface. NEW: If this is of any interest to you, I'll spin up a Basecamp site. so emai l me [bruce at tnms.org] and I'll sign you up. Here is another resource from bi o-med land. http://code.google.com/p/annotation-ontology/ (Bruce C)

Notes - coming

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