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Back to Partnership -- The following applications have been posted for review by the Partnership Committee

Summer 2019 Class

Axiom Data Science - ESIP-II

Axiom Data Science provides cyberinfrastructure support and data management services to a variety of federal, private, academic and non-governmental organizations. Axiom has developed a scalable set of core systems for data management, integration, and visualization which it leverages across a variety of partners in the ecological, geological and ocean sciences.

Full Application: [1]

Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) - ESIP-II

TERN is Australia's land ecosystem observatory. We observe, record and measure critical terrestrial ecosystem parameters and conditions for Australia over time from continental scale to field sites at hundreds of representative locations. This information is standardised, integrated and transformed into model-ready data, enabling researchers to discern and interpret changes in land ecosystems. Understanding ecosystem change, the rate of change, and underlying causes is essential for effectively protecting and managing Australia's environment and the many services it provides.

Full Application: [2]
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