P&S Telecon - October 20, 2015

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November RFP Q&A

Opportunity to ask questions about the November 2015 Testbed RFP

Updates on the Testbed Evaluation Framework

Winter Meeting Planning Sessions

Continued planning for P&S and Testbed Winter Meeting activities - Last year's agenda here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yLY2964NlwJY_S98vlc2hRe6Ar1cthVMG_dr78BdVtU/edit#gid=0

Testbed projects

  • Disaster Cluster, Fast Track
  • Other Projects from November RFP that will be awarded by then

AIST Testbed Session

  • Overview, Working Meeting
  • Evaluators report out

FUNDing Friday Posters

  • Need to send email to awardees to submit "session"? Or, encourage a session in which they should participate?

Other logistics

  • "Templates" for projects
    • Scope of work template
    • Budget template
    • "Adoption" template (see nice example from Beta release of AppEEARS)
  • Next P&S Meetings: Nov. 24th (Tues before Thanksgiving) and Dec. 22nd (before Christmas). Do we need to adjust these?
  • Timeframe for TCB to evaluate proposals: First week of December
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