P&S Telecon - January 19, 2016

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Google Doc Notes

Webex Recording Streaming Access

Webex Recording Download (note: to play the downloaded recording, you will need to install the Webex ARF Player.)


Technology Evaluation Framework Final Report

TEF final report out and recommendations for the TEF given by John Graybeal. (First twenty minutes of the archived recording)

Presentation Slides (pdf)

Final Report

TEF TRL Spreadsheet (link provided shortly)

AIST updates from the Winter 2016 meeting

New or Ongoing Evaluation Efforts

OGC 12/13 Testbed Update

The initial discussion came out of the Testbed session at the 2016 Winter meeting (Christine White and George Percival (OGC)). ESIP members can participate in OGC's Testbed 12 but the RFP deadline has passed so that is unfunded participation. Funding is available for participation in Testbed 13.

We will continue the discussions, particularly as they relate to OGC Testbed 13, in early February.

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