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P&S awarded two new testbed projects in December 2015, one through the Disaster cluster and one through the Semantic Web Committee.
P&S awarded two new testbed projects in December 2015, one through the Disaster cluster and one through the Semantic Web Committee.
We discussed the evaluation needs of both. For the Semantic Web testbed, they will be looking at current practices for evaluating ontologies and P&S and ESIP staff will be working with them to coordinate an evaluation process for those knowledge artifacts. The Disaster project is interested in data evaluation and possible use of the Data Maturity Matrix from the Data Stewardship committee.
Data Maturity Matrix References:
[http://live.commons.esipfed.bluedotapps.org/node/7956  Summer 2015 Session]
[https://figshare.com/articles/NCDC_CICSNC_SDSMM_Template/1211954 template on figshare]
Long-term maintenance and improvements for the Evaluation process, either with the TEF or either of the outcomes of the above testbed projects, will take additional effort. We should see who in ESIP is interested in the topics and in helping to identify evaluation needs and processes. ESIP hasn't been a longterm maintainer of projects previously, but will need to identify someone to handle the ongoing maintenance of the TEF at least through upcoming AIST evaluation rounds.
Ken Keiser noted that EarthCube is also working to develop a testbed activity and evaluation processes for that community. There's interest in building off of lessons learned and products developed by ESIP for that effort with additional evaluation needs targeted at interoperability and re-use.
In addition, there's earlier work from ESIP members on infusion potential evaluation, a self-assessment process from 4-5 years ago with Peter Fox and Chris Lynnes. Also efforts from ESDSWG (Karen Moe) as well. (References to come.) See also Bob Downs' [http://datascience.codata.org/articles/abstract/10.2481/dsj.009-007/ work] on reuse readiness levels presented at the winter meeting.
We are (Soren Scott & Anne Wilson) discussing software evaluation rubrics and progressions through the Science Software cluster and BESSIG. John Graybeal noted that there aren't currently rubrics for that now. For BESSIG, that discussion will take place at the February meeting. We may also want to consider a cross-cluster working group, with members of the Science Software cluster, the Disasters cluster (stated interest in evaluating services) and Data Stewardship to start.
==OGC 12/13 Testbed Update==
==OGC 12/13 Testbed Update==


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