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(Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico)
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====Contact Person====
====Contact Person====
Karl Benedict
Karl Benedict
(505) 277-3622 x234
(505) 277-3622 x234
kbene at
kbene at

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In an effort to build an initial inventory of ESIP Federation member metadata collections and services, this wiki page has been established as a collection point for initial information about these collections. Ultimately this information will contribute to the Federation's efforts to develop recommendations and access models for Federation metadata holdings to maximize the exposure of Federation metadata with a minimum of effort on the part of the Federation membership.

Please provide the following information about your metadata collection:

  • A contact person in your organization for further information about your team's metadata registration work
  • Types of metadata records: for example, "FGDC", "ISO", "DIF", etc.
  • Approximate number of metadata records
  • Rate at which the number of metadata records is changing
  • Locally hosted metadata services based upon these metadata: for example, "OGC CSW", "Z39.50", "Web-Accessible Directory"
  • External metadata registries where your metadata are already published and/or searchable: for example, "Geospatial OneStop", "GCMD", "ECHO", "FGDC Clearinghouse", "NBII Clearinghouse", "CLASS"

Please copy the entry template (by going to the page, chosing to edit the page, selecting all the content, and "copying" that content) to the bottom of this page. Then complete the copied template as fully as possible.

Metadata Collections

Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico

EDAC has been generating and publishing FGDC metadata records for over a decade and as a result has a substantial collection of (primarily GIS data related) metadata records in a variety for formats that are published in a variety of ways.

Contact Person

Karl Benedict

(505) 277-3622 x234

kbene at

Types of Metadata

  • DIF: a small number of DIF records generated for registration into GCMD
  • Other: agency supplied ascii text metadata is a variety of formats, containing varied data documentation

Approximate number of Metadata Records

  • FGDC: ~11,000
  • Other: unknown

Rate at which Metadata are being created/added

  • Irregularly, but on average 10-20/month. Occasionally large numbers of records are added when a new large data collection is added to our clearinghouse (for example >7500 FGDC XML metadata records recently added for a statewide DOQQ data acquisition)

Locally hosted metadata services

  • Z39.50
  • Web-accessible directory
  • Customized XSLT/SOAP metadata rendering service

External Metadata Registries

  • FGDC Clearinghouse Node (Z39.50)
  • Geospatial OneStop Web Accessible Directory
  • NBII
  • GCMD (a small number of records)
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