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ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Cluster Monthly Telecon 2011-06-08

Present: Brent Maddux, Bruce Vollmer, Regina Oglesby, Erin Robinson, Rama, Ruth Duerr, Carol Meyer, Hook Hua, John Scialdone, Philip Jones, Ajinkya Kulkarni, Mark Parsons Welcome to Brent Maddux, new student fellow dedicated to the ESIP cluster.

  1. Data Stewardship Short Course Team Telecon (Data Management Course Outline) - Ruth
    1. Group meeting every other week by telecon. Tomorrow June 9 at 12 EST. Anyone interested can join.
  2. ESIP Summer Meeting / Preservation breakouts:
    1. Preservation and Stewardship Use Case Workshop
    2. Provenance and Context Content Standard
    3. Citations (Draft Data Citation Guidelines) - Mark
      1. Hands-on workhshop
    4. Preservation Ontology - Hook
      1. New updates: There will not be a semantic web cluster tutorial, but instead, will be starting the session with a quick tutorial introducing how semantic web plays a role in preservation. Taking use cases from Tuesday session and going through sample use cases and do “concept mapping” (how to codify use case into a useable model). Ruth suggested that “concept mapping” is probably most important using PCSS content and group agreed.
    5. Preservation and Stewardship Cluster Planning
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