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ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Cluster Monthly Telecon 2011-04-13

Present: Curt Tilmes, Regina Oglesby, Al Fleig, Bob Downs, Hampapuram Ramapriyan, Helen Conover, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, John Scialdone, Ruth Duerr, Bruce Barkstrom, Jerry Pan

  • AGU Fall 2011
  • ESIP Summer Meeting – Meeting starts Tuesday afternoon, plenary is remainder of Wednesday afternoon, and all day Friday for breakouts. Distinction between workshops and training - workshops are working sessions and training whereas breakouts are more focused topics.
    • Workshop Planning details up on wiki
    • Use Case workshop Tuesday afternoon
    • UML Modeling workshop Wednesday morning? – Bruce working on UML modeling and is useful and can benefit from face-to-face discussion if Bruce can walk through UML modeling with his glacial case study. This can be a small group on Wednesday morning that can walk through this a use case and see how this fits in with other use cases. Group consensus is unsure at this point for making this a breakout in the workshop.
    • Provenance and Context Content Standard Breakout? – Rama can do a short overview and ask questions and solicit input from the broader community. NASA/ESA bilateral activity going on for several months and interesting topic is preservation context and content standards, and this group is doing similar work as the preservation cluster. Possible NASA/ESA connections in future? This may also be a way to involve NOAA (Haberman, Donna) for their input too. There’s a lot of commonality that needs to be merged together. Content standard breakout is something to definitely put on the schedule (Rama to write a couple sentence abstract for this session to be completed ASAP). Try to have this breakout before the ontology breakout, possibly Thursday, Friday or Wednesday AM? But good to have some flexibility in scheduling breakout to avoid overlap.
    • Citations Breakout? – Ready to have another breakout and present recent work. Mark proposed a citation workshop where people will present their dataset and see how to cite it. Curt to talk with Mark about putting together an abstract for a breakout. Group agreed on this.
    • Preservation Ontology Breakout (joint with Semantic Web Cluster) – Hook is putting together an abstract for this session and it will be submitted. Use cases should be driving the preservation ontology. Semantic web breakout scheduled for Friday.
    • Cluster planning Friday sometime – Strategic planning for cluster breakout needed for future planning and capturing week’s activities. Schedule for Friday afternoon seems a good idea at this point. Possibly discuss identifiers at this breakout?
    • No more suggested breakouts at this time
    • Add citizen science as a suggested use case
  • Future Meeting Themes – Page linked in wiki called “future meeting themes” asking for other themes for future meetings.


  1. Future Meeting Planning
    1. AGU Fall 2011
      1. Session Ideas Wiki (email [email protected] for write access)
    2. ESIP Summer Meeting
      1. Workshop Planning
      2. Use Case workshop Tuesday afternoon
      3. UML Modeling workshop Wednesday morning?
      4. Provenance and Context Content Standard Breakout?
      5. Citations Breakout?
      6. Preservation Ontology Breakout (joint with Semantic Web Cluster) Friday
      7. Cluster planning Friday sometime
    3. Future Meeting Themes
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