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ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Cluster Monthly Telecon 2011-03-09

Present: Curt Tilmes, Regina Oglesby, Mark Parsons, Rob Raskin, Bruce Vollmer, Bruce Barkstrom, Hook Hua, Helen Conover, Bob Downs, Hampapuram Ramapriyan, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Siri Jodha Khalsa, John Moses

  1. Provenance and Context Content Standard – Rama/Curt

Curt has added Provenance & Content Standard onto the wiki discussion page (located at main wiki page, provenance and content standard, discussion). Allows people to see changes made on the wiki if they select “watch” so they can follow discussion strings and keeps comments organized.

    • Comments from Donna and Chuck merged into spreadsheet along with comments from Chris and Sirijosa. Still a lot of duplication of items that needs to be reduced. Tracking items from NASA and NOAA until these items are reasonably well merged.
      • Bruce – Reasonable start, need to be careful about documenting what formats things are in to track what users are doing within the particular digital artifact.
      • Rama – Concern is if we ask for too much without indicating priorities, it may be rejected
      • Helen or Nancy?? Look to other standards and borrow from them…add categories such as “required,” “recommended,” etc.
      • Curt – Spreadsheet pulls together different standards and organizes into one place. How can provenance and context standard be used at the summer meeting? Have a workshop session on Tuesday morning to discuss issues and come to a consensus on provenance and context use case, “Preservation Use Case Workshop.” Everyone should consider use case examples (Curt to set up a wiki discussion page)
      • Hook – Science reproducibility is key
      • ??? – Need to distinguish between tracking context (can someone use that data for something else in the distant future?) and provenance. Do not bundle them together, they need to be distinguished
      • Bob – Use case should include producers of the data so they can contribute to the provenance


  1. ESIP Cluster Status - Rob
    1. Promote to 'Committee'?
    2. Expand scope to include data quality?
  2. Future Meetings
    1. ESIP Summer Meeting planning
    2. Fall AGU
  3. Activities Status
    1. Identifiers - Nancy
    2. Provenance and Context Content Standard - Rama
    3. Citations - Mark
    4. Preservation_Ontology - Hook
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