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ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Cluster Monthly Telecon 2011-03-09

Present: Curt Tilmes, Regina Oglesby, Mark Parsons, Rob Raskin, Bruce Vollmer, Bruce Barkstrom, Hook Hua, Helen Conover, Bob Downs, Hampapuram Ramapriyan, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Siri Jodha Khalsa, John Moses

  • Provenance and Context Content Standard – Rama/Curt
    • Curt has added Provenance & Content Standard onto the wiki discussion page (located at main wiki page  provenance and content standard  discussion). Allows people to see changes made on the wiki if they select “watch” so they can follow discussion strings and keeps comments organized.
    • Comments from Donna and Chuck merged into spreadsheet along with comments from Chris and Sirijosa. Still a lot of duplication of items that needs to be reduced. Tracking items from NASA and NOAA until these items are reasonably well merged.
      • Bruce – Reasonable start, need to be careful about documenting what formats things are in to track what users are doing within the particular digital artifact.
      • Rama – Concern is if we ask for too much without indicating priorities, it may be rejected
      • Helen or Nancy?? Look to other standards and borrow from them…add categories such as “required,” “recommended,” etc.
      • Curt – Spreadsheet pulls together different standards and organizes into one place. How can provenance and context standard be used at the summer meeting? Have a workshop session on Tuesday morning to discuss issues and come to a consensus on provenance and context use case, “Preservation Use Case Workshop.” Everyone should consider use case examples (Curt to set up a wiki discussion page)
      • Hook – Science reproducibility is key
      • ??? – Need to distinguish between tracking context (can someone use that data for something else in the distant future?) and provenance. Do not bundle them together, they need to be distinguished
      • Bob – Use case should include producers of the data so they can contribute to the provenance


  1. ESIP Cluster Status - Rob
    1. Promote to 'Committee'?
    2. Expand scope to include data quality?
  2. Future Meetings
    1. ESIP Summer Meeting planning
    2. Fall AGU
  3. Activities Status
    1. Identifiers - Nancy
    2. Provenance and Context Content Standard - Rama
    3. Citations - Mark
    4. Preservation_Ontology - Hook
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