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ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Cluster Monthly Telecon 2011-02-09

Present: Nancy, Bruce Barkstrom, Erin, Greg, Hampapuram Ramapriyan, Regina Oglesby, Curt Tilmes, Mark, Ruth Duerr, John, Hook Hua, Chris Lynnes, Al Fleig

  1. ESIP Winter Meeting review
  2. ESIP Collaboration Check-in / Feedback
  3. Activities Status
    1. ESIP Stewardship Principles and Best Practices - What next?
    2. IDs paper - Ruth
    3. IDs testbed activities - Nancy
    4. Provenance paper - Curt
    5. Provenance and Context Content Standard - Rama
    6. Citations? - Mark?
    7. Ontology? - Hook?
  4. Future Meetings
    1. ESIP Summer Meeting planning
    2. Fall AGU?
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