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ESIP 2011 Winter Meeting Plans

Potential Topics

  • Provenance
    • Curt walk through of FOO examples to illustrate the issues
    • Paper session - invite ACCESS, etc. projects to discuss their projects and the issues they are running into
    • Session reviewing the existing provenance standards, differences, similarities, gaps, etc.
    • Specific questions which might be tackled in these sessions, include:
      • Which standards/models should be used?
      • What testbed activities might help
      • What to do about domain specific needs? E.g., vocabularies, etc.
  • Citation guidelines - start developing/reaffirming these
  • Data quality and relation to value of data (Bruce)
  • Identifiers - Identify the next set of identifier issues to work on. For example, in the first go around we've only considered data sets as a whole and individual items (granules) within a data set. What other things need identifiers?

Must do

  • Business meeting
    • Cluster chairmanship
    • Workplan for upcoming year
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