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Telecons on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 4:00pm ET. Click on 'join'

Next telecon October 28, 2014, 4:00 PM EDT, Wade Sheldon: GCE Matlab data toolbox

November 25, 2014, 4:00 PM EDT. Jordan Read will introduce the R package SensorQC

Notes from past telecons


Fox Petersen (Andrews LTER) reported on QA/QC methods they are applying to historic climate records (~13 million data points for each of 6 sites). The challenge was that most automated approaches still produced too many flagged data that needed to be manually controlled. The best method they found was to use a moving bin of data from the same hour over several days and apply statistical test to them. E.g., use all data for 1 pm for days 30 - 50 of the year and apply range checks etc. then move to the next bin.

Josh Cole reported on his system, which is in development and he will be able share scripts with the group.

Overall, it was considered helpful if people where willing to share scripts. We'll have to look into good ways to keep them, e.g. git or just on this wiki.


Suggestions for future discussion topics

  • Citizen Science contributions to environmental monitoring
  • 'open' sensors - non-commercial sensors made in-house, technology, use, best practices
  • Latest sensor technologies
  • Efficient data processing approaches
  • Online data visualizations
  • New collaborations to develop new algorithms for better data processing
  • Sensor system management tools (communicating field events and associating them with data)
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