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Telecom Ebook discussion Sept 28 Attendees: LuAnn Dahlman, Margaret Mooney, Dan Zalles

Agenda: Discussion about Ebook production NSTA conferences coming up.

Notes: Preston has a new job! Not sure if he’ll be able to continue the ESIP Education.

Need someone to step up for eBook shepherding

Decision: NSTA - Need draft activity materials to share with participants

(done) Check back by Oct 5 to see if we are a go on Portland. - yes

UCAR and drones Margarette - response - Randy Russel - UCAR - — some of the activities are similar to our activities (which is fine) -- Its a summer camp vs ESIP putting out an eBook -- They also have a simulation with drones to do aerial survey of a disaster area


    DISSCE -  DICCE demo” for user and “climate” for password, - - Is geared to be a lesson plan interface. Shareable and modifiable. 
       graphic design
       kid friendly
   Guidance about the ebook and content: We are being opportunistic  - the bull’s-eyes is that the educators have learners who have drones - and they know how to fly - and want to do something with the drone.

4 activities ready by October 28 - Meet weekly to prepare: Oct 6 Oct 13 Oct 20

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