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10 minute demonstrations of cool Earth Science data tools or resources.
10 minute demonstrations of cool Earth Science data tools or resources.
===[[ESIP Exploration of Coding|<span  style="color:#5ea0b2;"> Exploration of Coding "book-club"</span>]]===
====[[ESIP Drone Activities|<span  style="color:#5ea0b2;"> Drones in STEM</span>]]====
ESIP Education Committee is starting a book club-style exploration of coding. The purpose is to explore the hype behind Hour of Code and other coding projects (Girls who code, etc) to find something we might harness as content for ESIP education workshops.
<!-- :*Shared Google Folder: [https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_Ca-JQwzb9tWGVHWEp5SWZybms&usp=sharing Planning Resources: Drones in Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)] -->
Every other week, following our Out2Lunch presentations, we'll spend ~45 minutes discussing what we've learned from the week's assignment. Our first session will be this Wednesday, Nov 1, immediately following the Out2Lunch presentation. We'll continue meeting for as long (or short) as it seems useful.
===[[ESIP Drone Activities|<span style="color:#5ea0b2;"> Drones in STEM</span>]]===


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