ESIP as a Virtual Organization - Summer 2008

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During discussions after the ESIP Winter meeting in Washington, and as a result of the NSF BEVO (Building Engineering Virtual Organizations) meeting, it seemed that ESIP is a VO, or is it? If so, is it optimal? How could it be improved? What are the best practices, etc?

Last update 20080214 (by Peter Fox)

The aim of this working session is to inform attendees on what the modern definition of a VO is, where technology plays a role and where it does not. We could then examine ESIP and brain storm about what works, what does not and what could change.

~ 3 hours - this is a working session. We'll start as a group and then (if numbers/interest warrants) break into smaller groups.

Who should attend?

  • ESIP executive
  • Cluster leads
  • Those with VO experience

We'll browse web sites and presentations, etc.

Important links will be posted here.

Contact: Carol Meyer, Bruce Caron or Peter Fox if you are interested.

Add your name here if you will attend (need this for room size):

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