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Ginoux, Balkanski, Mahowald, Schulz, Miller, Tegen, Zender,  
Ginoux, Balkanski, Mahowald, Schulz, Miller, Tegen, Zender,  
Winker, Mann, Takemura, (Textor), Cam McNaughton
Winker, Mann, Takemura, (Textor)

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AeroCom working group DUST


[edit] Participants

Ginoux, Balkanski, Mahowald, Schulz, Miller, Tegen, Zender, Winker, Mann, Takemura, (Textor)

- NEXT Telephone conference: probably march 07, organised from NCAR

[edit] Goals

Investigate the possible climate impact of anthropogenic dust sources
Compare dust simulations to multiple observational datasets
Recommend properties for dust size and refractive index

[edit] Short term actions

- Provide specifications for a land use related dust source to be implemented by participating modellers (Mahowald)
- Pull out of dust variables for one AeroCom model (Schulz)
- passed on to R. Miller for initial testing of Cakmur analysis
- establish an observational database beyond Cakmur et al and AeroCom
- revisit HTAP dust experiment design (see MS email to AeroCom in Dec)
- eventually come together at AGU Acapulco conference in May 2007
- suggest input for C. Zender for Perrugia conference

[edit] List of Observational data to be included in analysis

Al in ocean water


IDDI index

Satellite AOD in dust dominated regions (MISR, MODIS, TOMS, DEEPBLUE-MODIS, CALIPSO, Aeronet, Calipso)

Coarse mode satellite derived AOD in dust regions?

Deposition DIRTMAP, Fe, Ca in rain

Surface concentrations Aeroce, Asian network

Refractive index and size in literature

[edit] Processes and possible Diagnostics

Dust erosion - wind frequency and speed ; threshold velocities; effective source fluxes; source size distribution

Dust settling - dry removal velocities per size bin;

Wet Dust removal - wet scavenging efficients; vertical distribution; wet deposition of Calcium, dust;

Scattering and absorption - refractive index; AOD; size; absorption

Sink repartitioning among AeroCom models Figure taken from Textor et al., ACP 2006

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