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8 Feb 2011

  1. Regular Telecon Date/Time?
    1. Proposed: 4:00 on the 2nd Tuesday of each month
  2. ESIP Collaboration Survey
    1. What were the main activities of this group over the last year (2010)? The main event was the convergence of Federated Search, Servicecasting and Datacasting into the Discovery Cluster. Any big successes or highlights from the group? Any tangible outputs/work products? The number of servers and clients supporting ESIP Federated Search continued to increase.
    2. How did you record these activities (wiki, on another collaboration site, list-serv or private e-mail, no record)? Activities were recorded on the wiki, albeit sporadically.
    3. Do you work with other organizations (GEO, OGC, etc.)? Is this primarily in a supporting role, peer-to-peer, or leadership relationship? We currently do not work with other organizations, but may work with OGC in the future.
    4. How do you engage new people in your group? We use workshops and breakouts at the ESIP meeting. Do you regularly invite new participation in your group? Occasionally, but not regularly.
    5. How do you communicate within your group (wiki, list-serv, telecons, meetings, one-to-one e-mails, gotomeeting)? WIki, list-serv, telecons, one-to-one emails, and ESIP breakouts. Do you have a standing meeting?Soon...time is TBD.
    6. What would make it easier to work within your group (calendar of events, task list, easier editor, RSS feeds for events or news, forums, staffing, more volunteer leadership, other)?
    7. Are there tools or technologies that we should be pursuing to improve your group’s collaborative activities?
    8. Are you interested in trying new collaboration technologies as a tester?
  3. Governance
  4. Initial Discovery Specifications
  5. Roadmap
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