Data Stewardship Strategic Plan Calendar Year 2016

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ESIP Collaboration Area Strategic Plan 2016

ESIP Vision

To be a leader in promoting the collection, stewardship and use of Earth science data, information and knowledge that are responsive to societal needs.

2015-2020 Strategic Plan Goals

  • Increase the use and value of Earth science data and information.
  • Strengthen the ties between observations and user communities (e.g. technologies, research, education and applications).
  • Promote techniques to articulate and measure the socioeconomic value and benefit of Earth science data, information, and applications.
  • Position ESIP to play a major role in Earth science issues (e.g. addressing effects of climate change mitigation, adaptation and supporting sustainable science data infrastructure).

Resources: 2015-2020 Strategic Plan Executive Summary
Strategic Plan Roadmap

Collaboration Area Plan

Collaboration Area Objective:

The mission of the Data Stewardship Committee is to assist ESIP to continue its leadership role in promoting the collection, stewardship, and use of Earth science data, information, and knowledge that are responsive to societal needs. As such, the Data Stewardship Committee: (1) Develops and fosters practices and standards that ensure continued and reliable information content, quality, access to, and usability of Earth system science data for as long as they are deemed to be of value. (2) Facilitates the long-term preservation, stewardship, curation, and access of/to Earth system science data and information.

(3) Advances the development of data science as a professional discipline that adds value and increases the use of Earth system science data.

The group is very proud of our very high level of productivity, including our international reputation for standards development, an extremely strong publication record, and our recognized involvement in many other external organizations which are nationwide and international in scope. Item 1h below contains a non-exhaustive list of such entities, thereby affirming our interest in continuing involvement with these many entities.

Things we may do to fulfill our objectives:

Things our collaboration area needs to deliver our objectives?

(e.g. Partnerships, in-kind support, staff support)

How will we know we are on the right track?

How will others know what we are doing in & out of ESIP?

Cross-collaboration area connections

(Identify other areas that you consider cross collaboration. Are there things that you need us to provide in support the cross collaboration?)

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