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Coastal Management Cluster Session

Below are notes taken from the Coastal Management Cluster presentations at the 16th Federation Meeting, Jan. 4-6, 2006. 122820542535377326678259

NASA Applied Sciences: Coastal Management -- Lawrence Friedl

Coastal Management:

  • Goal: enable partner's beneficial use of NASA Earth science results to
    • Enhance DSS capability
    • Expand and sustain the use of results

Functional themes in Coastal Management:

  • Resource Mgmt
  • Economic Trade/mgmt
  • Emergency mgmt
  • Health (public/environmental)
  • Coastal change

--REASoN: HAB project - related to Algal blooms

--Numerous evaluations of DSTs and follow-on activities

--Depending on ROSES, may need to direct/fund more projects to jump-start efforts (no coastal related projects in June)

Future Directions:

  • Strong model focus
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