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** Monthly: 1-2pm EST, every 4th Monday
** Monthly: 1-2pm EST, every 4th Monday
* [[Facebook Instructions|'''Facebook''']]  
* [[Facebook Instructions|'''Facebook''']]  
* '''Contact Cluster Chair:''' Patrick Quinn, Element 84, Inc; [ Zhenlong Li], University of South Carolina
* '''Contact Cluster Chair:''' Patrick Quinn, Element 84, Inc
[[WS::{{PAGENAMEE}}]] [[category:CollabArea]]
[[WS::{{PAGENAMEE}}]] [[category:CollabArea]]

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Welcome to the Cloud Computing Cluster

[edit] Description and Objectives

As geospatial computing continues to demand more volume, variety, and velocity, the core characteristics of big data, the Cloud Computing Cluster helps ESIP members tackle these challenges through cloud-based architectures, technologies, and software. By bringing together users, developers, and researchers from industry, government, and academia, this Cluster provides a virtual platform for ESIP members and broader communities to share relevant knowledge and experience. The Cluster also aims to help foster collaborations among different organizations and individuals to work together to better apply cloud technologies to today’s data challenges.

[edit] What's New

We will be having our regularly scheduled cluster meeting on Monday 9/23 at 1PM EDT. We will have a facilitated discussion, with two topics:

  1. (Brief) The Winter Meeting is coming up and the call for sessions is
  out.  What value can the Cloud Computing Cluster bring to the meeting?
  2. Data Services at Scale: Experiences managing varying workload
  demands, limiting the impact a single user can have on the overall system,
  synchronous vs asynchronous processing, what to data cache or warm, etc.

Connection Info

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (571) 317-3112
Access Code: 445-841-573

[edit] Active Collaborations

[edit] Resources

[edit] Get Involved


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