Attribute Convention for Data Discovery ISO Translation Notes

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The translation between the Attribute Conventions for Data Discovery is subject to a number of assumptions or conventions described here.


The ACDD includes several types of people:

ACDD Attributes ISO Locations
creator_name, creator_email, creator_url, institution citation/citedResponsibleParty role=originator, point of contact, and metadata contact
contributor_name, contributor_role citation/citedResponsibleParty role=originator (may need adjustment)
publisher_name, publisher_email, publisher_url distributor and Data Center keyword
project Project keyword, aggregation information (initiative type = project)


The ACDD includes several attributes that make sense as keywords in ISO:

ACDD Attributes ISO Locations
keywords theme keywords with thesaurus given by the keywords_vocabulary attribute
project Project keyword with unknown thesaurus and aggregation information (initiative type = project)
publisher_name Data Center keyword with unknown thesaurus
standard_names for parameters theme keywords with thesaurus = standard_name_vocabulary
publisher_name, publisher_email, publisher_url distributor and Data Center keyword
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