The Realities of Implementing Identifier Schemes to Data Objects

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SubmitterName Nancy Hoebelheinrich
Submitteremail [email protected]
Meeting Summer 2012
SessionType breakout
Title The Realities of Implementing Identifier Schemes for Data Objects
Abstract Study of nine different identifier schemes by the Data Stewardship Committee resulted in recommendations for use of certain schemes for data objects. The recommendations were tempered by the caveat that implementation of the nine schemes could change the recommendations. For the second phase of the study. a test was set up to implement the nine identifier schemes by assigning identifiers to two different data sets and at least some of the components of the data sets. This presentation will present the findings based on that test for discussion by the various ESIP committees and clusters interested in furthering the discussion of identifiers for data objects, and for non-data objects.
VirtualPresenters no
VirtualParticipants yes
CoConveners Nancy Hoebelheinrich & Greg Janee
CollabAreas Preservation and Stewardship, Products and Services, Semantic Web, Data Management Training
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