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14:54, 25 October 201220121024 visko web-visualization.pptx (file)990 KBKward 1
16:30, 12 December 201120111212 yang vis-5d-dust.pdf (file)1.07 MBKward (Phil Yang (GMU) "Visualizing 5D Dust Storm Data")1
15:51, 18 July 201120110714 ppinheiro visko.pdf (file)781 KBKward (Paulo Pinheiro da Silva presentation on semantic definition of visualization processes.)1
12:55, 18 July 201120110714 bsinger superfund365.pdf (file)5.69 MBKward (Presentation on by Brooke Singer at the 2011 ESIP Summer Meeting.)1
12:50, 13 June 201120110613 rsimmon eyjafjallajokull visualization.pdf (file)5.13 MBKward (Robert Simmon, NASA's Earth Observatory Visualization Case Study: Eyjafjallajökull Ash Although data visualization is a powerful tool in Earth science, the resulting imagery is often complex and difficult to interpret for non-experts. Students, journali)1
13:13, 9 May 201120110509 mmaskey GLIDER-ESIPViz.pdf (file)5.26 MBKward (GLIDER: Visualize, Analyze and Mine Satellite Imagery Using a Single Tool )1
14:16, 18 April 201120110418 cthompson podaac.pdf (file)9.13 MBKward (Charles Thompson, JPL PO.DAAC: presentation for April 18, 2011 Visualization Cluster telecon)1
16:43, 14 March 201120110314 NEO VisualizationChallenges.pdf (file)559 KBKward (Visualization Cluster telecon March 14, 2011: NEO (NASA Earth Observations))1

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