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Fall 2019 Class

Anaconda, Inc. - ESIP-III

Anaconda creates, maintains, and distributes Python-based software tools used by a large fraction of the Earth science community (e.g. 5000 unique users just within NASA in 2018).

Full Application: [1]

CyVerse - ESIP-III

Earth science data are heavily utilized by our users. Our emphasis is on enabling the underlying computational infrastructure, allowing researchers to obtain data sets and analyze them at the requisite scale. We work closely with data providers to ensure that best practices for obtaining the data and computation are employed.

Full Application: [2]

Geoscience Australia - ESIP-II

Geoscience Australia is Australia's pre-eminent public sector geoscience organisation. We are the nation's trusted advisor on the geology and geography of Australia. We apply science and technology to describe and understand the Earth for the benefit of Australia.

Full Application: [3]

Goucher College Center for Data, Mathematical, and Computational Sciences - ESIP-II

The Center for Data, Mathematical and Computational Sciences is dedicated to developing the analytical and critical thinking skills of all Goucher College students, advancing their ability to investigate complex data-rich questions using multiple perspectives, and fostering an appreciation for the utility and the artistry of our fields. The Center’s intent is to guide the intellectual development of all students, so that, relative to their chosen academic goals, they become confident and sophisticated practitioners of data analysis, mathematics and computing. The center offers majors and minors in both computer science and mathematics and supports the Goucher Commons Data Analytics proficiency requirement.

Full Application: [4]

Jetstream - ESIP-II

Jetstream, led by the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI), adds cloud-based, on-demand computing, education, and data analysis resources to the national cyberinfrastructure. Jetstream is allocated via the NSF's XSEDE program and provides resources free of charge to the US research and education community.

Full Application: [5]

San Diego Supercomputer Center - ESIP-II

SDSC is an advanced computing center that partners with the geosciences community to apply computational and data science techniques on large-scale infrastructure. SDSC is home to several projects and initiatives in the earth sciences, such as OpenTopo and EarthCube building blocks such as CINERGI and SuAVE.

Full Application: [6]

Zeus Volkov Systems LLC - ESIP-II

Our founders work for federal and state government in earth science and environmental protection and have a long history of developing relationships within this community. One of our cofounders has made several presentations at ESIP through NOAA and GSoC. Zeus Volkov Systems (ZVS) was founded as a way to go into private practice in the realms of data platforms, remote sensing IoT Systems, and software and systems consulting. Our primary domain is earth science, as we are based in Asheville and have connections at NCEI and the Collider. We regularly release and participate in Open Source Software projects as a company and want to continue to release useful data platform tools for the earth science community.

We build IoT remote sensing devices and networks that we are planning on turning into large scale data processing systems for earth science data operations in government, like stream monitoring and atmosphere monitoring. We release open source data platforms built for environmental data processing when possible - generally after we integrate a standard tool into one of our systems, we release the underlying platform as open source.

Full Application: [7]
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