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The Information Management Code Registry (IMCR) contains software useful for information management tasks commonly encountered in the earth and environmental sciences (e.g. data ingestion, formatting, QA/QC, visualization, metadata generation, archive, etc.), and is a hub for code sharing, collaboration, and development. All levels of software maturity are welcome, from single functions to multi-functional software packages, and everyone is welcome to participate, from novice to expert. The code registry is implemented in OntoSoft and regular community discussions and resources are listed in this wiki. Get involved by subscribing to the IMCR mailing list, joining the IMCR Slack, and engaging with monthly telecons. Register your code by creating an account in the IMCR Portal. Contact the co-chairs if you have any questions.


Get Involved


  • Controlled vocabulary - Developing a controlled vocabulary to improve discoverability of registered code.
  • Virtual hackathon - A virtual hackathon will be held November 14 (Wednesday) from 09:00-20:00 EST. Participants will convene from their remote locations in two video conference rooms for continued development of the projects:
    • ingestr, project lead: Joseph Shannon (
    • qaqcr, project lead: Patrick Kilduff (
    • taxonomyCleanr, project lead: Colin Smith (

Learn more at project GitHubs and contact project leads if you'd like to participate.



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