Group B1 – AQ Forecasting and Reanalysis for Assessment

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  • Bill Lamason
  • Brad Johns
  • David Mintz (Notes2)
  • Dirk Felton
  • Jay Al-Saadi
  • Jim Szykman
  • Joe Retzer
  • Jon Miller (Notes1)
  • Mike Gilroy (Co-Chair)
  • Nancy Ritchey
  • Phil Dickerson
  • Sharon Leduc
  • Shawn McClure
  • Stefan Falke
  • Tim Dye (Co-Chair)
  • Todd Plessel
  • Wayne Faas

Session Questions

Current Business Uses and Users

Who are example important business users and what do they want to DO with the data and why? If they were here, what three things would they tell us to focus on now?

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Future Business Uses and Users

What trends/needs do you see, or do your users tell you about for future business uses? Where is/could this go, even if all your users are not thinking about it/asking yet?

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IT Issues

What are broad data needs and capabilities to support these uses? What are the gaps and opportunities? What do these needs and capabilities require of US as a community of providers?

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Non-Technical Issues

What are key non-IT requirements and challenges to delivering those needs/capabilities? What do WE need to do as individual resources and as a community? Examples of what we mean by non-IT: Security: that agency policy around access is unclear, or there is no incentive to work through the process for approval to get access. Don't want a discussion of gaps in joint authentication mechanisms; Discovery: that we lack a common way to describe data resources and an incentive to register them. Don't' want a discussion of UDDI vs. FDGC.

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Things not discussed

What have we missed in this discussion? (its ok if this is just a list for parking lot lists)

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Data System Profile

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