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We are about to make a coordinated effort to update our inventory of Federation assets. This is the wiki page we are using to allow anyone to participate in the discussion about how to capture this inventory and to better determine its breadth and depth.

Originally, the Federation consisted of NASA projects working under Cooperative Agreements that mandated their use of GCMD to record datasets and services. Thus, beginning the project by encouraging (and helping) all Partners to update or initiate GCMD entries made sense, then later extending to other metadata formats and repositories (FGDC, ECHO, GOS). NOAA has since expressed a significant interest in developing a comprehensive inventory of products and services, and the current ESIP effort is being coordinated with NOAA's NESDIS.

The goal is to have a tentative plan for an inventory of assets in place by the January 2008 Federation Winter Meeting.

HowardBurrows 18:21, 24 May 2006 (EDT)
JeffArnfield 19:11, 29 Aug 2007 (EDT)


At a minimum, we want to list some record from each ESIP describing assets covering each component of the GEOSS Framework Architecture (the "coin chart"). This includes:

  • Datasets
  • Models
  • Analysis tools (web and human services)
  • Analysis products (articles, web pages)
  • Decision tools
  • Educational products and services
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