Education/Telecon 2011-12-15

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Participants: Pat, Carol, Luanne, Jesse, Bruce, Allen, Becky, Bob

Tech needs for winter meeting? Nothing special at the moment.

Education Meeting at Winter Conference – Talk about lack of funding for Education from national agencies during break-out session. Get some people in to talk to us about it?

  • Can we self-organize and fund contract work for educators?
  • Anyone in the DC area from any organizations (NOAA?) that we can invite to swing by?
  • Generally have a break-out meeting on the last day – Friday

Summer meeting in Wisconsin July 17-20.

  • Education events? What do we need?

AGU report:

  • All union talks are on-demand. (AGU members only?)
  • Ignite talks very well received.
  • Lots of education sessions.
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