ESIP Testbed: Encouraging Technology Innovation for Earth Science

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SubmitterName Ken Keiser
Submitteremail [email protected]
Meeting Summer 2012
SessionType breakout
Title ESIP Testbed: Encouraging Technology Innovation for Earth Science
Abstract Presentations and discussions about the latest developments and capabilities of the ESIP Testbed, to include a presence on the ESIP portal and new support and capabilities for Testbed activities.

Suggestion for summer meeting session agenda: Wed, July 18, 1:30-3:00pm

(10 min) Overview of Testbed and recent efforts
(20 min) New Testbed Portal - a better environment for innovation and collaboration (Jing Li, Phil, Ken)
(20 min) Using ESIP services (Christine, Erin?, Phil) - Cloud, Drupal, Web, Commons
(10 min) Capturing the source code - using ESIP GitHub project (?)
(30 min) New directions - open discussion on Testbed next steps

VirtualPresenters yes
VirtualParticipants yes
CollabAreas Cloud Computing, Information Quality, Information Technology and Interoperability, Preservation and Stewardship, Products and Services, Semantic Web
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