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SubmitterName Phil Yang and Thomas Huang
Meeting Summer 2012
SessionType breakout
Title Cloud Computing Big Data Applications
Abstract Cloud computing offers not only a computing infrastructure but also an environment for our current systems and data with an elastic and on demand characteristics that enables us to tackle computing problems that were previously (not possible) limited by our local computing/storage resources. This session includes four 20 minutes technical presentations focusing on design and implementations of cloud-enabled applications/services that utilize distributed computing technologies like Eucalyptus, EC2, Azure, Hadoop/MapReduce, etc. The four projects identified include:
  • Mike Gangl, PO.DAAC - on the DMAS federate architecture using ZooKeeper
  • George Chang, LMMP - on using Hadoop
  • Phil Yang, GMU and Karl Benedict, UNM - Utilize Cloud Computing to Enable Dust Storm Forecasting
VirtualPresenters no
VirtualParticipants yes
CollabAreas Cloud Computing, Earth Science Collaboratory, Geospatial, Information Quality, Information Technology and Interoperability, Products and Services, Semantic Web
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