Air Quality Landscape on the Web

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This page strives to provide a list and categorization of air quality related projects and initiatives, particularly those that have Web characteristics, such as web services for data access, processing, analysis, or visualization. The objective is to understand the linkages among the efforts in order to contribute to interoperable air quality data and service networks.

Its current form is only a first draft. It is far from comprehensive and requires input from the community. This is an open page. Please correct any misrepresentations or omissions. This will serve as one of the base documents for the air quality sessions during the 2007 Summer ESIP meeting but the intent is that they will remain active after the meeting and continue to be refined.


NASA projects and programs

EPA projects and programs

NOAA projects and programs

Forest Service projects and programs

US State projects and programs

International projects and programs


Portals and catalogs

Interoperability efforts

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